Health Screening Preparation

Health Screening Preparation

Health Screening can be daunting to first-timer. The whole process varies individually and depends on how comprehensive your screening packages are. It may take up to 3-4 hours, or even a morning. Here are a few pointers for you to prepare for your health screen and gain the most out of your screening session.

  • Fast at least 8 hours prior to your health screening date.
    An easy way, to fast after 10 pm the day before your health screening. You are allowed to drink plain water. Coffee, tea, milk, other food and drinks are not allowed during fasting.
  • Hold off any medication during the morning of health screening.
    You may wish to check with the staff or doctor in charge of whether to resume after health screening.
  • If your health screening includes stool test, avoid iron supplements and red meat intake at least 3 days before health screening.
  • Bring along old medical reports, previous investigations such as X-rays, ultrasounds or CT/MRI scans and blood tests results during health screening to aid continuity of care.
  • Bring along a list of long term medications that you are taking daily.
  • Don’t forget your reading glasses or contact lenses for eye checks.

For Females:

  • Urine test, stool test, and pap smear should be performed at least 5 days after the last date of period.
    If your period coincides with the date if your health screening, kindly inform the staff or doctor in charge. The tests will be re-arranged at a later date as the presence of blood can affect the outcome of tests.
  • Inform the clinic staff and doctors if you are or suspect of being pregnant.
  • Avoid powder, spray, perfume, deodorant over armpit or breasts over day of mammogram.
  • You will need to drink 6 to 8 cups of water if you are opting for an ultrasound of pelvis, as a full bladder is needed for the scan.

For Stress Treadmill ECG Test:

  • You may wish to bring along exercise comfortable attire such as T-shirts, shorts, sports shoes.
  • Postpone the test if you suffer from recent muscle strain, bone injury or fracture involving your musculature system or any recent eye procedures.
  • Check with the clinic staff or doctors if you are on heart or blood pressure medications. Medications such as beta-blockers may need to be stopped 3 days prior to treadmill tests.
  • Don’t rush, don’t stress, plan and relax,
    If you are feeling under the weather, you may consider rescheduling your appointment as certain medications such as antibiotics may affect your screening results.
  • Share openly with your doctor that you are comfortable on any concerns and expectations that you would like to achieve out of the screening.

Health screening is the first step of wanting to take control and making a positive difference to your health. Good luck!

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